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Cluster electromobility South West

Elise – Standalone Charging Unit
and System-Integrated Data
Gateway for Electric Vehicles
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With customers in more than 28 countries, we are proud to call ourselves an international company. However, having customers in other countries is not all there is to being international. We want to provide the best support and service possible, wherever our customers are. This is why we work with local agents that are able to provide you with our software, answer questions and allow you to place orders in your own currency. Additionally our employees travel into the different regions frequently to support directly, provide trainings and visit the users to get their direct input on our products.

We are convinced that successful business relationships are best built on mutual trust and therefore invest in longterm customer relationships. We further believe that an e-mail cannot replace a personal meeting, which is why our employees travel the world year round to meet with our customers as well as to discuss new projects and to give direct on site support.