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RA at the Testing Expo Europe 2016 in Stuttgart - Booth 1700

RA Consulting will be exhibiting on the Testing Expo Europe 2016 on booth 1700 again. Our highlight is the presentation of our new Measurement and Calibration environment DiagRAź X.

A milestone in RA’s history will be presented to the public for the first time this year – our new measurement and calibration environment DiagRAź X. Based on the requirements for up-to-date, performant devlopment software DiagRAź X offers a completely new concept. This enables calibration engineers to structure their tasks clearly and perform them in a neat environment. 100% of DiagRAź X is based on standards and there ensures compatibility to additional software tools and backend systems used in automotive development. DiagRAź X is especially suited for ECU calibration using XCP on Ethernet. Additional networks such as CAN or Flexray are also supported. The CAN Calibration Protocol CCP, which played a major role in the previous software package, the DiagRAź MCD Toolset, is also still available. Third party measurement hardware can be utilized when using CAN and XCP on Ethernet.
Of course all visitors are invited to take get to know at our established diagnostic solutions DiagRAź D, Silver Scan-Tool™ and DiagRAź LE or to take a look at the newest addons. The RAź ODX Viewer will also be presented.
Starting this year, RA Consulting will also offer IAV Macara. This software includes dynamic comparison, editing and simple drag-and-drop copying of DCM files and datasets. Additional features include function comparisons, the graphical display of maps and curves and exporting data into different output formats. The software has been in use for years at IAV GmbH. It has allowed engineers to keep track of their projects, containing a large number of different control variables.
Our partner companies of the Automotive Engineering Tool Alliance will also be on our booth - Intrepid Control Systems, emotive and CarMedialab.